Pete Conrad: Interesting follow up on his Moon Landing

Jim Bigham <>
To:John Stone
Cc:Peg Runger
Aug 15 at 9:30 AM

Peg Runger forwarded your email to her commenting you might be interested in Pete’s training for the lunar landing and his comments about it after his return.  I served as NASA’s manager for the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle Project, a free-flight simulation of the control characteristics of the Lunar Module during its final descent to the moon’s surface.  The management at the Manned Spacecraft Center (later renamed the Johnson Space Center) initially considered the LLTV unnecessary given the fixed base and other LM simulators.  Neil, Pete, and the other astronauts, however, rose up as one to say that a free-flight simulation of the actual landing was essential. That, of course, prevailed. 

Management, of course, was quite interested in Neil Armstrong’s and Pete’s comments after their return about the challenges of the landing and their training for them.   Pete’s were quite detailed and are recorded in a lengthy meeting he had for that purpose with JSC management after his return.  If you’re interested, I included the transcript of that meeting as an appendix in my book, “A Much Unsung Hero”, available as a Kindle ebook.  The title comes from Neil Armstrong’s book, “First Man”. Neil commented that if he had to rate the difficulty of a lunar landing from one to 10, it was a 13.

Best regards, Jim Bigham

Peg Runger <>
Aug 15 at 12:25 PM
John, Jim Bigham was in Nelson’s high school class in Pittsburgh, PA.  He graduated from Purdue with Neil Armstrong.  I thought you’d find what he had to say of interest.  Peg Runger