Jon Calvert’s Exploits from the San Antonio Express

“What do Jon Calvert, Ed Matthews, Les Wilson and your scribe have in common? As a group, they have logged more than 150 years as members of the American Alpine Club. Wilson’s expedition to Yerupaja in Peru was featured on the TV Outdoor Channel and more is on his website, Matthews herewith is invited to tell us of his most interesting climbs. Mine are inconsequential, but Jon Calvert’s many-continent feats were featured in the San Antonio Express in January. His book “The Urge to Know” is soon to be published. Visit our Website for the whole story with pictures!” (PAW, March 19, 2014). Let us hear from other 1953 Explorers. This is a great time in our lives to recall our more adventurous days! Click the following link:

John Calvert – Explorer