New Class Constitution


MAY 2013

Dear Classmates,

I want to let you know that as part of our Reunion Activities we will have a short official meeting of Class Members on Friday night at our reunion headquarters just before dinner.  It will quickly cover some administrative matters, including the adoption of a new Class Constitution

Back in 1984 the Class adopted a revised Constitution to take the place of one that was adopted at our graduation in 1953. Since that time the administration of class affairs has proceeded quite smoothly without much necessity to refer to our governing documents.

Nevertheless in anticipation of the end of my term as Class President, I thought it appropriate to review our governance documents for guidance as to the proper procedural protocol to affect a transition. I found that because of our smooth operation over the intervening years, the Executive Committee has not had much to do and somehow over the years, copies of our relevant Bylaws have disappeared and our governing Executive Committee has been reduced to one living Class Member, Bill Gaillard.

Under the circumstances, it seemed appropriate that membership of the Executive Committee should be filled out and that it would be desirable to have a new governance document the form of a revised and simpler Class Constitution, which would be easier to successfully administer in the future.

After discussion among our present Officers, Bill Gaillard has used his authority, acting as the sole Member of the Executive Committee, to revise the present Constitution and resolve other pending matters including the appointment of additional members of the executive committee and the requested election of Shirley Tilghman as an Honorary Member of our Class. A copy of the new revised Constitution is enclosed. If you have any questions, please call me (612-803-9773).

My thanks go to Bill Gaillard for all his work in arranging both the resolutions to establish the new Constitution and the new appointments to the Executive Committee.  Not least of all, I want to thank my fellow Class Officers who have willing to carry the operational burden of Class management over these last years,  And, also all of you who have supported the Class with your activities, and your dues and contributions to annual giving and special gifts.

Stay well and I hope to see you at Reunions in May.

William F Ogden Jr., Pres.

Click here to see the Constitution