Summer News – 1

Here’s hoping that the summer (if you live in the northern hemisphere!) has treated you well so far. We welcome news, travel reports, athletic accomplishments and more. In the July 12 PAW I see letters from Charles Graves and Paul Hertelendy that you might check. I will add obituaries and other class news to our website as I receive them. Today I posted an obituary for Cal Perrine written by his wife Lisa.

Personally, I was delighted that Team New Zealand won the America’s Cup, and in convincing fashion. A devotee of New Zealand after fifteen visits, I can’t imagine a more deserving or delightful nation. As for my own sailing, with son John we capsized yesterday in stormy winds sailing my FD. Very challenging getting it upright and moving. The former Olympic Class Flying Dutchman was designed for “25-year-olds” and perhaps is too much at 86!

Stay in touch!