Memorials of our classmate that are prepared by our Memorialist Chris Webber are printed in the PAW often much later than they are prepared and with a limit of 200 words. If larger versions are prepared, the PAW will post them on the PAW website on the date of issue of the magazine version. Since January 2017 I have posted on this web page obituaries that I receive from classmates and others that originate in the media, for example the New York Times. I also post memorials written by Chris Webber for the PAW. I will add obituaries at the top of the list as I find or receive them.

John C. Stone II ’53, Secretary and temporary (?) Webmaster

November 27, 2017

For memorials in the PAW, go to this site:

Herschel Randolph Phelps
Herschel Phelps

Daniel S. Blalock, Jr

Daniel S. Blalock, Jr.
Frederick J. Tritschler
Francis Michael Dononhue, Oct. 24, 2017

Parker Thomson, Nov, 3 2017

Richard Eli Strassner, October 13, 2017
Richard E. Strassner ’53, October 13, 2017
William Miller ’53, Sept.27

Vincent Robert Duffy ’53

James Edward Green ’53

John H. Thatcher, Jr. ’53
Geoffrey Neville ’53

Geoffrey Neville ’53

Robert Rich ’53

Calvin H.Perrine ’53
James L. Burst, March 30, 2017
William Russell Pickering
Jervis S. Finney ’53
Howard H. McClure ’53
James A. H. Magoun ’53
Donald K. Conover, March 28, 2017

Theodore Baer ’53

Thomas C. Henneberger, 1-7-2017

Thomas Russell Lind

Ansel Burt Chaplin

Robert Dunbar Campbell Long ’53

John Spencer, Dec. 30, 2016

John Corry, Dec. 26, 2016