I receive frequent notes indicating strong musical interests among our classmates. A PAW column noting some of them is in the planning stage and will reference the following link. Mozart lovers: I strongly recommend you click below to hear Bob Kenagy’s granddaughter Margot playing the Allegro from Mozart’s Concerto No. 4 in D Major. The youtube recording stated that Margot was 17 when this was recorded, but Bob tells me she was 16! Peggy Runger has been following Margot’s career in Nashville, where Margot is now a “freshman” at Vanderbilt.

Click here to read more and hear Margot play the Mozart Allegro


Now listen to Margot playing Beethoven’s Sonata No. 5, the “Spring” Sonata


Edward “Luke” Packard’s grandson Chris Dahlke is a thirteen year old eighth grader and has been studying the violin for eight years with Shelley Beard Schleigh. He plays with the first violin section of the Delaware County Youth Orchestra and the Delaware Honors Festival Orchestra. He is a member of the Camerata Honors Program at the Music School of Delaware. He studies with many top professionals and has numerous awards to his credit. Here you can here him play a Mendelssohn Concerto.


Margot is now first violinist in the Vanderbilt orchestra, Here she is with Peggy Runger followoing a recent concert:

Peggy Runger and Margot Kenagy



Just for a change of pace: How many of you remember our 45th, when the Ed Polcer All Stars played at our reunion Friday night? Ed is Class of 1958, so when we didn’t hire him again at our 60th Marcia and I went over to 1958, where he was playing for his own class. At our 45th, his closing number was a rousing “Hindustan”. Here you can again hear Ed playing Hindustan in an Eddie Condon tribute in Switzerland some dozen years ago. Ed is the short cornetist with the white trousers and blue blazer. After Eddie Condon died, Ed bought the Eddie Condon night club in NYC. He is still going strong and has a number of CDs. This version is a “jam session”, i.e. a version with a double or even triple “front line”. Watch especially the give and take between Ed and Tom Baker, the other cornet player, when they have their 32 or whatever bars. Enjoy, and if you want more, contact me and I’ll steer you in the right direction: USE EARPHONES WITH YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE UTMOST ENJOYMENT.