Looking for Eccentric Classmates

Paul Hertelendy thinks that he is, at least in part, eccentric, and he hopes that others who feel likewise will write us and tell us about it.

Paul writes:

Perhaps you have a folder marked EEC, for “Eccentric Ectivities by Classmates.” If so, this might fit:

The most inspiring of my avocations these days is dashing around the fields as a (licensed) soccer referee for junior soccer, which I’ve done some 600 times in the Oakland-Berkeley (California) area, dating back to a 1965 start. Seeing the 12 to 14 year-old boys and girls with good skills running, passing, interacting, all with a focus on The Game (and not on ego, roughing or revenge) is a rush of adrenalin every Saturday, even though none of them were born in my millennium. Their enthusiasm and fervor are my nirvana. I get paid, technically, but never withdraw the funds—I feel I should pay for the privilege, as I get so much out of it, especially with witnessing a flood of goals ending in an invigorating  4-3 or 5-4 result. The multiple levels of interaction—-with coaches, assistant refs, players, spectators, rule book—-are a constant fascination. And ending matches with fist-bumps or hand-slaps to all involved are a joy, especially if they haven’t raised Cain about me at midfield with my knee brace, white cane, seeing-eye dog, ear trumpet, and barely enough breath by the closing moments to toot whistles or hold up yellow caution cards.

And with pro soccer on TV, I watch not the players but the referees tearing up and down the field. Just call me eccentric!

Paul Hertelendy ’53

Berkeley, CA