Example of Martin A. Dale ’53 Summer Award

Photographer Maggie Zhang ’16 explored one of the world’s great street-art centers- Melborne, Australia-with help from Princeton’s Martin A. Dale ’53 Summer Award. Read about her trip and view works by some of her favorite Melborne artists at paw.princeton.edu.

Our latest PAW Column

My apologies to Jim Neff! In my earlier column submitted Oct. 20 I credited Jeff Neville for news of Loeber Landeau and more. It took two corrections to make it all right, but I think I finally got it right. Probably only a few of you early birds saw the faulty issue. Congratulations to John McPhee for appearing on the cover and within the body of the most recent PAW publication.

2014-14 – Dec 15 for Feb 4 2015

Class of 1912 Reunions Attendance Trophy goes to 1953!

It is only 8 PM on Saturday night, May 31, at Princeton Reunions. Many classes will be going strong until the wee hours, and a number of our classmates are celebrating our 61st this very moment. Yesterday our 60th Reunion Chairman Peter Benoliel and Class Vice President Dave Brown accepted on behalf of the Class of 1953 the Class of 1912 Trophy, awarded annually to that class more than fifty years out of Princeton, and with at least ten members extant, that has the highest percentage of members attending reunions. That was us, folks, just a year ago!

1953 wins the Class of 1912 Reunions Attendance Trophy




PAW Online

Did you know that the PAW has an on-line version? It is not the same as the paper published version, but it has up-to-date articles – about Reunions for instance. To visit the latest on-line PAW, click here.

Memories of Nelson Runger

For some recollections of Nels Runger go to:

The recordings are from a demo tape Nels made years ago. He used a variety of voices and subjects to offer to prospective clients. The photos include some from plays and musicals he performed in over the years.

Thanks to Peggy foe sharing them with us!

Jon Calvert’s Exploits from the San Antonio Express

“What do Jon Calvert, Ed Matthews, Les Wilson and your scribe have in common? As a group, they have logged more than 150 years as members of the American Alpine Club. Wilson’s expedition to Yerupaja in Peru was featured on the TV Outdoor Channel and more is on his website, les-wilson.com. Matthews herewith is invited to tell us of his most interesting climbs. Mine are inconsequential, but Jon Calvert’s many-continent feats were featured in the San Antonio Express in January. His book “The Urge to Know” is soon to be published. Visit our Website for the whole story with pictures!” (PAW, March 19, 2014). Let us hear from other 1953 Explorers. This is a great time in our lives to recall our more adventurous days! Click the following link:

John Calvert – Explorer



Lindholm attracts gifts to 1953 AG from Cornell, Harvard, and Yale alumni

Ools ranks among our best Class of 1953 boosters and Locomotive Cheerleader par excellence.  Here’s a sample of what he achieved this past autumn:


Annual Giving Office

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ 08540

Letter number one

November 5, 2013


Enclosed find a contribution to Princeton University which should be credited to the Annual Giving account of the Class of 1953.

The donor, (Anonymous), (address, New York, New York 10065) was an Olympic Gold Medal winner in Sailing and as such would probably appreciate it if these funds could be directed to assist Princeton’s Sailing Team, or as an alternate – Crew. I suspect he would prefer not see them support our football program, particularly in the area of field goal training facilities. Mr. (Anonymous) is a Distinguished Member of the Harvard Class of 1952.


Clifford Lindholm II, ‘53

Letter number two:

November 8, 2013


Enclosed find a check in the amount of $20.00 as a contribution to this year’s Annual Giving Campaign to be credited to the Class of 1953.

It is being given by a Distinguished Member of the Cornell University Class of 1967 who wishes to be recognized anonymously as a Friend of PRINCETON 1953.

He majored in Chemical Engineering which is commendable – but was denied, due to geography, the educational experiences of Dr. Alyea’s lectures. I suspect that he would appreciate his contribution going towards chemical engineering laboratory materials – and definitely not used to support the University’s athletic facilities – football in particular.


Clifford F. Lindholm ‘53

Letter number three

November 12, 2013


Enclosed find a check in the amount of $20.00 as a contribution to this year’s Annual Giving Campaign to be credited to the Class of 1953.

It is being given by a Distinguished Member of the Cornell University Class of 1961 who wishes to be recognized anonymously as a Friend of PRINCETON 1953.

He majored in Civil Engineering which is commendable – and benefited significantly from gaining a Master’s Degree from Princeton! I suspect that he would appreciate his contribution going toward acquiring additional theodolites to help educate incoming engineering students of the Class of 2017. Hopefully some will become good linemen! (offense or defense??).


Clifford F. Lindholm II, ‘53

Letter number four

November 18, 2013


Enclosed find a check in the amount of $19.53 as a contribution to this year’s Annual Giving Campaign to be credited to the Class of 1953.

It is being given by a Distinguished Member of the Yale Class of 1963 who majored in Economics – (Anonymous), who lives at (address), Savanna, GA. He is certain that next year I will be supporting an Alumni Fund located in New Haven, CT.

I am not troubled by this remote possibility, but please see that his contribution supports additional funding of Economics library material to assist incoming students of the Class of 2017 who might become Economics Majors – and also some who are familiar with defensive linemen routines.


Clifford F. Lindholm II, ‘53



Class Scholarship Awards Year 2014


Mr. Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda ’15
Ms. Angela Wand ’16
Mr. Matthew J. Gancayco ’17
Ms. Lauren E. Miller ’17


Mr. Michael C. Eggleton ’16


Ms. Iriane M. Narcisse ’15


Ms. Aria P. Miles ’14
Mr. D. Alexander Seyferth ’14
Ms. Conleigh R. Byers ’15
Mr. Thomas R. Garcia ’16

Classmates Attending the Yale Tailgate Party

Thanks to Dave Brown for the list of those who attended the November 16th party at Fine Tower:

Dave and Jean Brown
George and Carol Carleau
Jay and Eleanor Cooper
Fred and Louise Crispin
Bob Davis and Bob Davis, Jr.
Cowles and Janet Herr
Ned Jannota and Alex J.
Jack and Jenks Middleton
Howard and Eleanor Minners (Newlyweds!)
Barry Phelps
Lynn and Hunt Parry
Frank and Mimi Phillips
Bill and Alissa Sutphin
Dave and Sue West

Plus guests and several Yalies

New Class Constitution


MAY 2013

Dear Classmates,

I want to let you know that as part of our Reunion Activities we will have a short official meeting of Class Members on Friday night at our reunion headquarters just before dinner.  It will quickly cover some administrative matters, including the adoption of a new Class Constitution

Back in 1984 the Class adopted a revised Constitution to take the place of one that was adopted at our graduation in 1953. Since that time the administration of class affairs has proceeded quite smoothly without much necessity to refer to our governing documents.

Nevertheless in anticipation of the end of my term as Class President, I thought it appropriate to review our governance documents for guidance as to the proper procedural protocol to affect a transition. I found that because of our smooth operation over the intervening years, the Executive Committee has not had much to do and somehow over the years, copies of our relevant Bylaws have disappeared and our governing Executive Committee has been reduced to one living Class Member, Bill Gaillard.

Under the circumstances, it seemed appropriate that membership of the Executive Committee should be filled out and that it would be desirable to have a new governance document the form of a revised and simpler Class Constitution, which would be easier to successfully administer in the future.

After discussion among our present Officers, Bill Gaillard has used his authority, acting as the sole Member of the Executive Committee, to revise the present Constitution and resolve other pending matters including the appointment of additional members of the executive committee and the requested election of Shirley Tilghman as an Honorary Member of our Class. A copy of the new revised Constitution is enclosed. If you have any questions, please call me (612-803-9773).

My thanks go to Bill Gaillard for all his work in arranging both the resolutions to establish the new Constitution and the new appointments to the Executive Committee.  Not least of all, I want to thank my fellow Class Officers who have willing to carry the operational burden of Class management over these last years,  And, also all of you who have supported the Class with your activities, and your dues and contributions to annual giving and special gifts.

Stay well and I hope to see you at Reunions in May.

William F Ogden Jr., Pres.

Click here to see the Constitution

Video: ‘A Princeton Story: Rafting Down the Mississippi River’

Princeton University junior Jackson Dobies experienced a summer of a lifetime last June after he was awarded a MARTIN A. DALE ’53 Summer Award. Dobies rafted much of the Mississippi River from north to south along with his older brother Justin, modeling the classic stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.


Tiger E-News April 2013

The Question posed in the April 3 PAW Column

The Great Kidnap Caper

 Do you remember the following question from the April 3, 2013 issue of the PAW?

“What do JIM DOWNING, JERV FINNEY, OOLS LINDHOLM, BONES SPENCER, and the late PIETER FISHER and AUGIE JOHNSON all have in common? Can you remember September 1949? To test your memory and recall the full story with pictures, visit our website.” So here you are! Go now to the Photos section of this site to see the action.


Answer to question posed in the PAW March 20

The following question was posed in the March 20 Class Notes in the Princeton Alumni Weekly:
“Did you notice the tribute to LEW KLEINHANS paid by PAW’s editor in the Dec. 12 issue? The Question I Posed: What do ’53 classmates Kleinhans, CURTIS CALDWELL, JAY COOPER, DON DWIGHT, JOHN THATCHER and the late DICK McCLENAHAN, FRED (Rick) MOSES, GREN PAYNTER, and JOHN WEISS have in common?”
The answer:
All are or were Sons of the Class of 1925. In the December 12 issue of the PAW, editor Marilyn H. Marks *86 wrote: “For many years, 1925’s class column has been written by Lewis C. Kleinhans III ’53, son of a class member. Kleinhans told of ‘25’s past, of thank-you notes for class scholarships, of Warnock’s astonishing attendance record at Reunions – reporting to the class even when its membership had dwindled to one. For that devotion, PAW – and friends of ’25 – always will be grateful.”.

For years I followed Lew’s column for the Class of 1925, all alone with none other from the 1920s to provide company. Finally Lew’s long run came to end last year when the last member of the Class of 1925 died at age 106. Warnock was the oldest alumnus in Princeton’s history, as far as is known. Years ago at the Dartmouth football game in Hanover, I tripped over Lew’s feet in the stadium, and he said “Hi, John – Lew Kleinhans”. Six hours later at the bar in my father Syd Stone ‘23’s house in Vermont I found an elderly gentleman fixing his celebratory drink ahead of me. I said “Hello, I’m John Stone”. The gentleman said “Hi, Lew Kleinhans”. I did a double take at that response, having just heard the same a few hours earlier from a youngster in 1953. This gentleman was none other than Lewis Kleinhans ‘25, a friend of my father’s.

Another son of 1925 wrote to the PAW:
“As a son of 1925 (William Dwight), I was delighted by the class tribute, and felt personally connected to much of it, wrote DON DWIGHT ’53. He remembered a 65th-reunion luncheon at Prospect at which George Kennan ’25 “held forth on foreign policy for an hour, without notes, enthralling his audience of six classmates and me.”

I join Marilyn Marks in saluting Lew for his dedication to the Class of 1925 for all those years.